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  • Information on public funding opportunities and financial aid for investments in corporate formations or expansions
  • Enterprise formation and stabilization consulting services
  • Business location, expansion, and relocation support
  • Assistance with licensing procedures (project guidance)
  • Information on industrial property and commercial real estate
  • Assistance with your search for cooperation partners
  • Contact exchange regarding authorities and economy-related organizations and institutions


Thomas Weyrich


Tel.: (0 63 81) 4 24 - 1 69
Fax: (0 63 81) 4 24 - 3 72

  • Contacts to businesses, associations, organizations, and government departments of commerce and transportation
  • Location, relocation, and business expansion consulting and coordination
  • Residential business enterprises support
  • District development
  • Regional planning
  • Intercommunal cooperation
  • Conversion


Birgit Pracht


Tel.: (0 63 81) 4 24 - 3 46
Fax.: (0 63 81) 4 24 - 3 72

  • Internet
  • Industrial property and real estate data base
  • Location-based marketing
  • Information and promotional material regarding economic support
  • Public relations
  • District development statistics
  • Enterprise consulting
  • Enterprise data base management

Economic Advisory Board

The Kusel District promotes the regional economy within available funds through measures devised to strengthen economic power, provide and maintain jobs and training opportunities, and improve the overall economic climate.

This objective is met specifically through providing contacts to businesses, advisory services to individual enterprises, and support for dealing with authorities as well as through improving infrastructures, arranging contacts to nationwide institutions of relevance, local advertising, coordinating communal economic development policies, and, if necessary, granting financial assistance within available budgetary resources.

As other institutions' activities affect the district's economic events as well, the Kusel District Economic Advisory Board shall take advantage of such on-hand experiences.

Pooling its individual members' personal and professional contacts as well as their experiences, the Economic Advisory Board aims to provide guidance to the district council on all economic development matters.

Board Members:
Chairman: Landrat Dr. Winfried Hirschberger
Planning Community of Western Palatinate:

Stefan M. Germer

German Federation of Trade Unions, Kaiserslautern-Kusel District Association:

Michael Detjen

Rhine-Hessian-Palatinate Retailers Association, Registered Society:

Volker Even

Palatinate Chamber of Trades:

Ralf Hellrich

Chamber of Industry and Commerce: Michael Schaum
District Tradesmen:

Helmut Knieriemen

Kusel District Savings Bank: Helmut Käfer
District Council Members:

Patricia Altherr 
Oliver Kusch
Andrea Schneider
Dr. Stefan Spitzer
Martin Pfeiffer

District Chairman of the Association of Southern Rhineland-Palatinate Farmers and Vintners, Registered Society: Marcel Müller
Kaiserslautern Employment Services Agency: Hans-Joachim Omlor

Volksbank Lauterecken:

Klaus Gerber


Context Column

Mittelstandsfreundliche Kommune 2006

Opening hours:

08.30 - 12.00 am

02.00 - 04.00 pm