Location and Site Specifics

Erlenh�heDecisive motivations . . .

. . . in favour of our locality

  • Central location within Europe
  • Close proximity to your business partners and the EU authorities
  • Swift connections to business centres and markets in Europe
  • Central point of European history and culture
  • Focal point for advanced technological infrastructure


A well-developed traffic infrastructure fully integrated into the national and international traffic network . . .

  • Via A 62, connecting North and South, to the most significant European seaports and the South German industrial centres
  • Via A 6 through the Saarland in east-westerly direction to the French motorway network and, vice versa, to the Rhine railwaye
  • Two regional railways serving as feeder lines to the long-distance railroad and the European high-speed network with ICE stop in Kaiserslautern
  • Several international airports within a short time's reach

. . . saving time and money
. . . providing flexibility regarding means of transportation
. . . connecting product manufacturer and consumer

Map of Germany
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