Kusel District

The Kusel District - an Attractive Economic Region and Living Environment


For a long time the Kusel District's economic structure was characterized by agriculture. In the meantime, some deep-rooted changes have taken place as agriculture certainly still determines the natural area image as ever, but has lost its significance as an industry. Instead, with overall diminishing structural problems, a change towards the production, trade, and services sector is apparent.

As an economic area the Kusel District is increasingly gaining significance.

Basic data:


There are numerous factors influencing businesses in their decision upon a location.
The region's central location, transport linkage, and labour market situation, to name just a few, certainly play an essential role. There is an abundance of motivated labour in the Kusel District. Commercial rents as well as real estate and property prices are unbeatably favourable. Living expenses are low - not least because local trading and crafts businesses treat their customers fairly.These facts speak for our economic region.

As a result, experts attest to our region's positive development conditions and prospects.

Surface Area: 573 km²

Residents: 73.641 (30.06.2009)

Population Density: 129 Einwohner per km²

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